The Prayer Room is a sacred and interactive space for you to catalyze your prayer life with God.

The Prayer Room is home to 30 curated interactive prayer stations designed to resource individuals or small groups in prayer. Located on the third floor of the Lookout, the room features two unique spaces, The Studio and The Gallery.


A space for missional-minded prayers and intercession

In the Studio, visitors will discover 16 prayer centers thoughtfully arranged throughout the room for individuals to engage and 2 spaces for small groups to pray together. The centers contain instructional prompts using artwork, liturgy, poetry, scripture, and other forms of inspiration to stir declaration, intercession, and prophecy while they encourage participants to contend for friends, family, colleagues, those who have yet to come into a relationship with Jesus, their neighborhoods, cities, state, nation, and the globe. 


A space for contemplative prayers and reflection.

The Gallery provides 12 centers placed throughout designed to help open hearts explore the inner workings of the soul. Each center utilizes art, scripture, poetry, liturgy, and other forms of inspiration to guide participants in prayer provoked from pausing, considering, and giving room for God to speak, bring healing, encouragement, comfort, refreshment, direction, realignment, or transformation. 


Guests to the Prayer Room are encouraged to take their time and not rush through, by selecting a few centers to explore each time they visit. The centers in both The Gallery and The Studio welcome participants to return repeatedly, igniting new prayerful intentions each and every time they are engaged. 

The Prayer Room is open to all ages. Guests 15 and under are welcome with a supervising adult. The Prayer Room is maintained during hours of operation through out the week, and is also available for reservations for additional access.

Handicap or Limited Mobility? We invite you to enjoy the prayer stations available on the main level every Sunday in the Main Auditorium.


 The Prayer Room is open

Monday – Thursday 9 am – 2 pm

Sunday 11:30 am -12:30 pm 

Want to visit at another time?